Which blinds should you choose for your office?

Having so much choice when it comes to commercial blinds can, for Facilities and Office Managers, be quite a stressful decision-making process.  Where on earth do you start?

We’d recommend that you begin by asking what the purpose of your blinds is, because when you know what it is you are trying to achieve, then a little research will soon deliver the answer you’re looking for.  There are many reasons for installing blinds to your commercial premises including the provision of:

  • Shading
  • Protection from the sun
  • Decorative flair
  • Privacy
  • Branding

And more! Different types of blinds will provide different outcomes. But what are they?

Roller blinds

These are doubtless the most popular blinds that we install. And it’s easy to see why.  Roller blinds are snug, space-saving and can make every window dressing look minimalistic and flawless.  A block of fabric and with a smooth mechanism these blinds are robust and with minimal maintenance, will withstand heavy usage.

Sunscreen and blackout roller blinds

Roller blinds are available in a plethora of colours and fabrics ranging from sunscreen, blackout and wipe clean. Sunscreen fabrics will allow some light to permeate whilst providing protection from the sun’s harmful rays which can be ideal for a working office whilst blackout fabric will completely obliterate any light entering into the room – ideal for meeting room presentations!

Wipe clean roller blinds

Wipe clean fabrics will ensure that these blinds maintain a pristine appearance, so that visitors such as clients and suppliers are not distracted by a dirty office!

Printed roller blinds

Roller blinds are also an unsung branding hero.  Printable, they may show your brand to the passing public, or re-iterate your brand and its values to the staff within.

Motorised roller blinds

Roller blinds may be motorised which is ideal for windows at height although motorisation is available with any roller blind.  Motorised blinds have a smooth, quiet operation and allow anyone to adjust the blind with pinpoint accuracy, remotely via a handheld remote control.  This means that there is generally less manual handling of the blinds which in turn, means that less cleaning is required, and the risk of damage is reduced.

Manually operated roller blinds

The operation for manual roller blinds is via soft return or the more traditional chain or cord. All of our blinds are child safe and all operate with a smooth mechanism providing quiet and accurate adjustment.

Vertical Blinds

Similarly, to roller blinds, vertical blinds are available in a plethora of colours and materials. Rather than one large sheet of fabric, the blinds operate along tracks and are vertical slats that overlap and which can be rotated on the vertical.

Clients tend to choose vertical blinds when seeking privacy.  Because they operate with slats, it is possible to let natural daylight enter but with a greater degree of privacy.  Often, these blinds are chosen for internal offices to allow those in meetings a degree of privacy.

Maintenance is available when required. Whilst robust slats may occasionally break but are easily maintained or replaced.

Take advice

It’s important to get it right first-time when it comes to office blinds installation.  When you have decided on what it is that you’d like your blinds to deliver, call our sales team on 029 2081 1458 or email sales@swanmac.com. and we’ll be happy to advise on the best blinds for your office.