Which commercial blind control method should I choose?

A wide range of commercial blinds and a choice of control options can make choosing the most appropriate blinds and control method a confusing process.  Here, we discuss the three main types of blind and control options are available.

Commercial Roller Blinds

Commercial Roller Blinds | Swanmac Ltd

Roller blinds are the most popular blind option for any environment.  Due to their simple and modern design, roller blinds are aesthetically neat and sit well in any interior space.

Commercial roller blinds come with a choice of operation including chain, crank, spring and electric operation.  Chain operation is the most popular choice and can be provided with child safety clips to ensure safety in healthcare and educational environments.

Crank operation provides the optimal safety for manually operated blinds.  Our previous blog entitled ‘Cranking up safety awareness’ discusses these in more depth.

Spring controlled blinds are manually pulled down thus removing the requirement for a visible manual control method such as a chain or crank handle, whilst electrically operated blinds are the ultimate shading solution in any environment thanks to sleek and minimalist design and visible blind control method.  This is because the electric motor is hidden within the roller blind.  Electric blinds can be operated in several ways which we have detailed here in a previous blog.

Commercial Vertical Blinds

Commercial Vertical Blinds | Swanmac Ltd

Vertical blinds are a versatile solution to shading in commercial settings thanks to their flexible shading options.

The blinds can be open or closed, with the vertical slats along the blind being rotated to ensure that the required amount of light enters the room whilst still providing shaded protection.

Operating commercial vertical blinds may be via wand operation which is similar to a crank handle, but is a straight pole that you twist to operate the blind. Alternatively, vertical blinds can be controlled by chain or cord in a similar way to roller blinds.

Commercial Venetian Blinds

Commercial Venetian Blinds | Swanmac Ltd

Commercial Venetian blinds are similar to vertical blinds, but with horizontal rather than vertical slats.   A standard Venetian blind will usually be made with aluminium slats, however, these can be upgraded to wooden slats for a more unique style of shading.  Similarly to vertical and roller blinds, commercial Venetian blinds can be operated by a cord, chain or electrically.

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